Family Law

Todd Goldberg - Business Litigation and Family Lawyer - Dallas, Texas

Divorce & Complex Property Division

Every day more and more families are challenged by issues that will affect them throughout their lives. Decisions made during these critical periods can be some of the most difficult ones a family will ever make because of the potential long-term consequences. I help clients understand their legal needs during these trying times and guide you and your family to help ensure that you achieve the results you need -- now and for the future.

Child Custody Disputes & Modification

When it comes to disputes over custody of your children, you need an experienced lawyer to guide you through the legal system. I have significant experience handling child custody disputes for mothers and fathers, as well as other family members, in courts throughout Texas.  

Child Support Enforcement & Modification

All parents want to make sure their child is supported, and child support is not simply defined by money. Every parent's circumstance is unique. I have obtained several judgments for non-payment of child support. I have also defended multiple parents who are unable to pay child support, especially after a change in circumstances such as losing employment or illness.  

Child Protective Services (CPS) Matters

If CPS comes knocking at your door, it is imperative to seek counsel from a lawyer who can navigate you through the system. I have worked with parents to effectively and quickly resolve matters involving CPS.

Emergency & Protective Orders

When family violence occurs, swift action is necessary to protect yourself and loved ones. I have substantial experience representing parents in prosecuting and defending matters involving protective orders. 

Premarital Agreements

For many reasons, a premarital agreement makes sense, and I have drafted and negotiated many agreements  before and during marriage to more clearly define assets or other important matters.